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TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., 

Jim Traficant Congressional Pictorial 107th Congress
Image, Congressional Pictorial Directory, 107th.
Rest In Peace James A Traficant

TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., Former Representative from Ohio; born in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio, May 8, 1941; graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School, Youngstown, Ohio, 1959; B.S., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1963; M.S., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1973; M.S., Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, 1976.

Executive director, Mahoning County, Ohio, Drug Program, Inc., 1971-1981. Sheriff, Mahoning County, Ohio, 1981-1985; elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-ninth and to the eight succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1985-July 24, 2002);


lled from the House of Representatives pursuant to H. Res. 495, passed on July 24, 2002. Traficant unsuccessfuly ran as an Independent for the One Hundred Eighth Congress in 2002.

Traficant Predicts Current Economic Crisis 8 Years Before It Happens:


December 5, 2000
Mr. Speaker, America's trade deficit for September hit $35 billion for one month, $35 billion. America is heading for a $420 billion, 1-year trade deficit. Unbelievable.

If this continues, America will have a crash that will make 1929 look like a fender-bender.
What is even worse, China is now taking $100 billion of cash out of our economy, buying missiles, and pointing them at us.

Beam us up, all of us!
We must be stupid. Ronald Reagan almost destroyed Communism, and the Clinton administration has reinvented it, is now subsidizing it, and is now stabilizing it.
I yield back any common sense left and any patriotism left in this Congress.

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