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TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., 

Wednesday, December 3, 1998

Youngstown, Ohio – U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D–OH) wants the Clinton Administration to do everything possible to help the city of Youngstown combat drug-related crime.  In a letter sent yesterday to President Clinton, Traficant strongly endorsed a plea for federal assistance made last month by Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey (D).  "The city is in the midst of a crisis," noted Traficant in his letter to the President.  "Gang and drug-related violence continues to claim innocent lives.  People are afraid to walk the streets."

 Traficant noted that for the past several years there has been a dramatic reduction in violent crime across the country.  "Unfortunately, Youngstown has not enjoyed the benefits of this national trend," observed Traficant.  "During your first campaign for the Presidency and throughout your administration you have used the phrase ‘we can't afford to leave anyone behind.'  Sadly, when it comes to the war on drugs, Youngstown has been left behind.  The city is making every effort to combat the scourge of drugs and violent crime.  But it simply doesn't have the resources to get the job done.  Your administration can make a difference."
 Traficant strongly endorsed Mayor McKelvey's suggestion that the President send the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, retired Army General Barry McCaffrey, to Youngstown to consult with local officials and provide recommendations on how the city can  combat drug-related crime.  "This is an excellent suggestion, and I urge you to do whatever it takes to facilitate such a visit in the near future," said Traficant.
 Traficant expressed his appreciation to the President for working with him over the past several years to maximize the number of federal law enforcement grants awarded to the city.  He urged the President to "take whatever executive action is necessary to ensure that Youngstown continues to receive the maximum level of federal law enforcement grants."

 Traficant closed his letter by expressing the hope and expectation that the Clinton Administration will "respond in an expeditious and substantive fashion to Mayor McKelvey's sincere plea for assistance."  Traficant offered to work with the administration in coordinating any federal response to the Mayor's request.