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TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., 

February 4, 1998

Washington, D.C. – U. S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D–OH) wants the Clinton Administration to honor a commitment it made in 1996 to provide continued federal funding to Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, Ohio to assist in the development of an air cargo distribution center.  "Your administration made a solemn promise to provide long term funding for this initiative," said Traficant in a letter sent to President Clinton this afternoon.   "Where I come from, a promise is a promise.  My constituents and I fully expect the Clinton Administration to keep its word."

 In October of 1996, then-Secretary of Transportation Pena came to Youngstown to announce the award of a $11.5 million airport improvement program (AIP) grant for the first phase of the air cargo project.   The  AIP program is administered by the Federal Aviation Administration.   At the 1996 announcement, Secretary Pena made a firm commitment that the Clinton Administration would continue to provide support for the project over the next several years.  Pena's commitment  echoed a similar statement President Clinton made on July 4, 1996 during a visit to Youngstown.

 Last year, the airport applied to the FAA for a $18.8 million AIP grant to fund the second phase of the project.  Projects to be funded by the grant include rehabilitation pavement design work, land acquisition, strengthening of runways and taxiways, upgrade of airfield lighting, rehabilitation and relocation of the electrical vault, road relocation and airpark expansion.   "The airport has put together a detailed, highly professional and complete plan," noted Traficant.  "Without question, this continues to be a project worthy of the FAA's strong support."

 Last October, Traficant wrote to the FAA to urge approval of the grant request.  The FAA has yet to act.  "I don't have to remind you of the strong support you received from my constituents during your two campaigns for President," asserted Traficant in his letter to the President.  "I also don't have to remind you of the fact that on several occasions, my congressional district has been overlooked by your administration in awarding discretionary federal grants and projects (DFAS is a prime example)."