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TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., 

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Youngstown, Ohio – U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D–OH) today named the co-chairs and executive committee members of a local committee he is establishing to promote the future of the General Motors assembly plant in Lordstown.  The committee's first meeting will be held on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH AT 9:00 A.M. ON THE 2ND FLOOR OF THE PHELPS BUILDING ON THE YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS.

 The committee will be chaired by Traficant.  The co-chairs will be Bruce Zoldan, chief executive officer of the Youngstown-based B.J. Alan Company, David Johnson, CEO of Summitville Tile, Inc. and chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party, Dennis Johnson, chairman of the Columbiana County Democratic Party, and Jim Graham, president of UAW Local 1112.

 Members of the executive committee include Mahoning County Auditor George Tablack (D), Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey (D), J.J. Cafaro of the Cafaro Company, Attorney Percy Squire, Dr. William Binning of YSU, and Dr. Gil Peterson of YSU.  Attorney Squire, a partner in the Columbus-based law firm of Brickler & Eckler, has also agreed to be the committee's legal counsel.  In addition to naming an executive committee, Traficant has also asked a number of local officials to join the committee, and will name the other members later this week.

 Last week Traficant wrote to Ohio Governor George Voinovich (R) and Governor-elect Robert Taft (R) to reaffirm the state's commitment to secure the future of the Lordstown plant.  Traficant is putting together a meeting of his committee with Voinovich, Taft and other state officials.  Traficant has also asked for a meeting with GM CEO John F. Smith and other top GM officials.