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TRAFICANT, James A., Jr., 


Friday, October 16, 1998


Washington, D.C. – Following yesterday's overwhelming House vote in favor of a resolution authored by U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D–OH) calling for a ban on steel imports from countries found to be in violation of anti-dumping laws, Traficant is urging the President to take action on the steel crisis.  "The House has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it wants the Administration to act swiftly and decisively on behalf of American workers.  I respectfully request that you honor the wishes of the House of Representatives,"  said Traficant in a letter sent today to President Clinton.

 Yesterday by a vote of 345 to 44 the House passed a non-binding resolution authored by Traficant calling on the President to immediately investigate evidence that certain countries are illegally dumping steel products in the United States at below market prices.  The Traficant resolution further calls on the President to impose a one year ban on steel imports from any country found to be violating the spirit and intent of international trade agreements.

 In his letter to the President, Traficant observed that year-to-date steel imports are up 130 percent from Japan, 93 percent from South Korea, 93 percent from South Africa, 120 percent from Australia, 51 percent from Ukraine, 374 percent from Indonesia, and 57 percent from India.  "WCI Steel of my 17th Congressional District of Ohio is among the U.S. steel plants being forced to make cutbacks and layoffs because of the overflow of foreign steel," noted Traficant.  "Two hundred WCI steelworkers have already been laid off.  America has the most productive, hard working and skilled steelworkers in the world – period. On a level playing field American steelworkers will always beat the competition.  But the playing field is not level," asserted Traficant.

 "Yesterday's vote was not about free trade; it was about illegal trade and the security of the United States.  Insisting that our trading partners adhere to international law and play by the rules is not protectionism.  It's fairness, plain and simple," added Traficant.2009